Friday, November 28, 2008


Last night I was so pleasantly surprised. Bruce asked me along to a play directed by a friend and starring another friend (he is the actor so the friends are all professional actors). The play was called The Joseph and Mary affair, and it is a Nativity play with a great Cape Town twist to it. It tells the story of three factory workers, one of them Muslim, who put on the Nativity play for the end of year function. Meanwhile their factory is closing down due to financial constraints. It was brilliantly written by two very talented writers who grab you from the first minute the lights go on, and draws you into these peoples lives with hilarious consequences, but then suddenly drops this serious bomb on you when each person tells their personal story in a monologue that is as gut wrenching as the social situation in our country really is. It has been a very long time since I have been out for a nights entertainment and laughed and cried so much and had so much fun. It is well worth seeing it if you are in town.

For details contact Fusion Worx.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai close to home

Once again we are standing watching the television as we wake up this morning. Muslim extremists have attacked more than 10 strategic locations in Mumbai that include hospitals, hotels, the main railway station and religious buildings. There are still some western foreigners being held hostage in the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai. This is very disturbing to me. Is there nowhere safe in the world anymore? Who do we blame for this? It was very clear that the "Deccan Mujahedeen" were targeting American and British nationals. Do we lay this catastrophe at the feet of the insolent American and British policy makers, that has made life for their own citizens and the rest of the world impossible to live? Do we blame the Muslim elders that are too enraged with the west to preach anti-violent protest? Do we blame ourselves for not advocating peace and tolerance enough? Whoever and whatever. While we think about and condemn these acts, innocent people are dying, and not only in Mumbai, but all over the world, every day. All because I don't agree with the way you react based on your religion and cultural background. Its a mess of international proportion.

I pray for my recently made friends Suchismita, and all her friends and family. That they are unscathed and unharmed, because they are a group of people who work selflessly in Mumbai to better the social standard of woman, the poor and the lower case. I send lots of love and light to you all and pray you survive this tragedy.

Once again man kind has shown just how "evolved" and compassionate we are....

Wedding gitters

So the big wedding day is fast approaching. Not mine, my cousin's, and I am the best man. I am getting wedding jitters because I want everything to be perfect for them. They have been asking me to help with the organising and arrangements on this side, and I really just hope it all goes well. Then there is the best man duties. Officially the best man has to stand in for the groom on the day should something happen to him. Now as much as I like Ginger, and I really like her, I don't think that is going to happen. I have to make a speech, naturally, and as most people who know me know, I don't really like public speaking.... RIGHT. So I am just a little nervous that everything must run smoothly and that I will get my speech right. I have a little idea about what I want to do with the speech and it is going to be great (if it works). At least I will have my family staying with me for the wedding. My mom and dad and his dad!! Its going to be so much fun. Tristan is going to get the full Van Buuren experience all in one weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Blog

So I am not sure if you have all noticed, but I really enjoy this blogging thing. So it is therefore no surprise that I have been "surfing" the blogging network. Either through comments on friends blogs, or through comments on mine. I have stumbled onto some really good blogs of guys living in the US and India, but most recently I found a blog that really interests me. Its called Post Secrets and it is such an interesting blog. People post their secrets on here and get it out of their systems without ever having to disclose it to anybody they know. I think this kind of platform is exactly what the world needs, and if used correctly, can heal a whole bunch of people. Reading these secrets gives me a sense of sadness, to see so much hurt in the world, but also lifts my spirit because there is even more healing going on. I love this blog and will follow it for a very long time. I suggest you read through it, not because you want to get juicy info, but because you are honoring the people who wrote their secrets and setting them free from the secrets by reading it, and loving them for who they are.....Ok my sentimental moment over for the day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Massage

Tristan and I went for a very relaxing Sunday morning massage. He had won a voucher from work to any spa, and chose One Wellness, so we could both have treatments together in the same room. It was a very interesting experience. The actual massage was very good and felt quite nice. The hot stones were quite hot at times, but really good for me. Problem with me was that I kept on wanting it to be over, so I didn't really relax too much. I do not like it when other people touch me, so massages have never been top of my list. This was no different. It made it a little better with Tristan in the same room, but I was still quite uncomfortable. At least I got to get a massage, and we spent the morning together....That's all that counts right?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


At the new Madame Zingara offering called Mojolena, was spotted a magical white puppet creature. Something spectacular grasping your imagination and taking you far away to some mystical place. Its summer in Cape Town and its Mojolena time!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So you think you can move me....

One of my all time ever favourite TV shows, is So you think you can dance. Not the silly South African one with that over groomed gay judge who thinks he is the most fantastic thing alive. I ma talking about the highly talented, very entertaining American one. (for everybody with only welfare TV channels, its on the series channel on DSTV) They have the most amazing dancers and even more amazing choreographers. There is one that just stands out above the rest. Mia Michaels. She moves me in ways that no other woman has ever done. She creates the most amazing dance fantasies and takes you to places where you never thought you could go. Her sets are so emotive and passionate and she pours her entire soul into what she does. One of her sets has been nominated for an Emmy. Park Bench. Another one that really got my heart strings going was Time. This season she has done it again. She choreographed a set with two lovers fighting in bed, that just blew me away. I think she is the most influential individual in dance at the moment. And she moves me....constantly....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas cancelled

The Croatian president has banned any gift buying for Christmas and New Years, as well as any planned celebrations. Sasha on 5 FM said the President is a cock. I think he is really very progressive doing that. He did not ban Christmas, he just banned people going out and spending their life savings on buying presents, and organising huge expensive parties. I wish the rest of Europe and the US would take a page out of his book. You can still celebrate Christmas but without the presents. Maybe that might even get people to start thinking about the real meaning of Christmas!!! Witch is not giving presents, but the birth of Christ. That's why its called CHRISTmas.

80's Flashback

Thanks to one of my regular blogger pals (Such), I took a nice train ride down memory lane this morning. She remided me of all the great things that happened to me and around me in the 80's while I was growing up. Falling in love, listening to cheesy music, wearing really bad clothes. Ahhh I miss those days of silly innocence and no worries. BRING BACK THE 80's......but only for the mind frame I was in back then, not for the fashion......

Laughs with my sister

I constantly make jokes about and make light of my sisters disability. Its the only way I can relay it to others, without breaking down and crying my eyes out. Its been a very traumatic time in our families life, and my only coping mechanism would be to make jokes. My sister doesn't mind that, well at least I don't think she minds. None of the jokes are derogatory to her, they are just funny. I had the most amazing time with my sister here this weekend. She is an amazing woman and has done amazing stuff, and I have to bring her back to earth every now and then by joking about her disability, but I love her sooooo much

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A day in the Alps

The following picture has been brought to light after an absence of about 3 years. It was from when we were in Switzerland and the brief for this picture was, we had just had an eye lift and botox and was sitting next to the ski slopes showing off our eye lifts......Thanks le Roux!!!!!

Clothes maketh the man

I have always professed that what you wear is by no means a reflection of your mood, taste or abilities. However, this morning I am forced to change my stance. Some evidence has come to my attention to contravene my feelings. Isn't it amazing how what you wear and what you look like influences your mood. When at work, I have always tried to be very professional and look the part. This morning however, I feel very different. My collar on my shirt is not ironed right, and there was not enough time this morning to redo it again. So now I feel like I am badly dressed and I feel very incapable of doing my job because I don't look professional enough. My nice Zara shirt keeps on flaring open at the color and it looks like I am wearing a V neck shirt. This is a very disturbing feeling to me because I don't get influenced by what I wear..... Clearly I do, and me having to make a 180 degree U turn on my thoughts, believes and feelings, is just not ON!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Selling Skills

I had a meeting with a prospective client today and took one of the banqueting managers along. His job was supposed to be to give the client some info on our banqueting facilities and ideas on what to do and where to do it. Problem is he was stumbling over his own words and got a little flustered, especially because the gentlemen we were seeing was a gay man, and openly so. Now I think being in the hotel industry (one of the gay "safe service" careers) and being in banqueting and event co-ordinating, he should be used to dealing with gay men. I realized however, that it boils down to selling skills. Fortunately I can say with great pride, that I have the selling skills to sell water filters to dessert dwelling nomadic tribes, and this guy doesn't. I am able to adapt and change the conversation to my liking, and reign in any person who is dragging the discussion off in a direction that doesn't exist. Also I am able to adapt my approach to straight, gay, green, blue, CEO and secretary. This I believe is a very special gift I have, and that I share with most or any sales person out there. Some people do not have that however, and still try to sell something. This is why this poor bloke was way out of his depth and kept on stumbling and eventually the client asked my who is higher in rank as he didn't want to step on this guys toes when he asks me about the properties. Poor bloke.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ocean race

At the waterfront watching the restart of the Volvo ocean race. Holding thumbs for the Puma il mastro!

At the airport

I am sitting at the airport with mixed feeling. Happy because I am waitin for my sister to arrive. Tired because her flight was delayed out of Joburg and is arriving after 00:00. But mostly I am disappointed. Disappointed that someone so close to me would not even think about deviating from his routine of going to bed at 22:00 so he could come to the airport with me to meet my sister. Disappointed because he goes to bed and still asks me, from lying in bed, oh did you still want me to go to the airport with you. Disappointed because over and above all of this, he doesn't even leave a light on in the bedroom because it would probably keep him awake. This is one of those cases we spoke about where someone doesn't need to ask as they presume you would care enough to offer. Sleep well.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Office fish

I inherited the office fish and they are now living with me on my desk. This after the one committed suicide and jumped out of the bowl this week. Hope I don't come to work with a dried up fish on my desk!


Its Friday afternoon around 14:30 and I am so excited as my sister is arriving for the weekend this evening. She is come to visit us for 2 days as a belated birthday present. I cant wait for her to arrive and meet Tristan and all my friends. Its going to be a good weekend, coz it is going to start with a walk along the promenade with the dogs.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Out in Stellenbosch today and the typical summer weather continues... NOT. What is this weather we are having in the middle of November?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know I am quite disgusted in myself but I drove past Charlie's Bakery and couldn't help myself!

Birthday Boy

It was Lucca's 3rd birthday on Monday and I am sorry to say it went down very uneventfull. Just to give you some insight to his 3 year life. He has lived in 3 different houses, he has been bitten 4 times, had an operation to hemmue his amal glands and therefore walked around with stitches inside his bum, he has had bleeding ear tips for about 3 moths and has been on puppy prozac and he has been on sleep outs to Wellington and to a farm near Morreeburg. All this in just 3 years. Happy birthday my special boy!

The weather and school

On my way to work today I saw the most heart wrenching thing ever. Stoped at a red light in Adderley street, next to Die Groote Kerk (its in Adderley street), I saw a little girl between 8 and 10 years old, dressed in her school clothes with an umbrella, as it is pelting down, walking to school. The problem is, along with this heavy rain in mid November, there are gale force winds blowing all over Cape Town leaving the streets full of tree left overs. So as this girl walks over the red light (behaviour she sees from grown ups), and barely misses getting killed, she gets to the other side, and tries to turn the corner, but a gust of wind blows and blows her umbrella inside out. So there she is, standing on the corner, a little girl in her maroon tracksuit with a hoody, getting drenched, with an inside out umbrella, still smiling and making her way to school. Even I got a little lump in my throat after seeing that!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Morning routine

I am always so stressed in the morning, because I am always either cutting it very close, or getting to work late, and I cant understand why. I think I have figured out why. I wake up at 6:45, and spend a few minutes on err...grooming. Then I take a shower and shave every second day. After this I have to iron clothes for the day, as I don't iron my stuff and hang it up, coz that will just wrinkle it all over again. So that should do it then, but no, I have to now get breakfast together (which I mostly forget about), feed the dogs, move their beds, administer medication to the earless one, and do various other little things in the house, like make the bed, remember about the veggies. On the other side of the coin, is Tristan. He wakes up at 7:15. Takes a shower, gets dressed and leaves for work around 7:35. What a comfy life. I think I should do that from now on, oh but wait, then nothing will get done!

Monday, November 10, 2008

First day back

Today is the first day back at work in Cape Town, after I have been in Joburg for business the last week. I had such excitement in my veins while in Joburg, as business went so well, and I was out and busy the entire time and never really had any time to sit or do anything. In my car all the time and driving around from meeting to meeting. Now back in the Cape Town office, I have lost all of that enthusiasm, and want to go home and sleep. I really need to get myself motivated to work here in Cape Town, and just go balls to the wall and start phoning everybody i can get my hands on.

Problem is in Cape Town, people are already busy going into Christmas mode, and want to only see me in next year.

What to do...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretending to be angels

Sleeping like nice little angels after having run around in the house like mad dogs and chewing their stuffed toys.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaving Joburg

Sitting at the airport and despite the beautifull purple streets in Parktown, seeing my family and spending time with my friends, I am ready and very willing to go home. The only obstacle still ahead of me is my flighti on the flying orange fanta can. Curse these low cost carriers. At least at the end of my harrowing flight will be a hottie waiting for me.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I miss my baby

Joburg Drivers

I thought I got annoyed with Cape Town drivers...until I got to Joburg. At least in Cape Town we stick to the rules of the road, al be it slow. In Joburg, nobody sticks to the rules of the road. They create two lanes where there is really just enough space for one car, they weave through traffic at high speed, the taxis get onto the freeway, in the fast lane and stays there until they die, driving at 40km per hour. Then there are the traffic circles. I will never let anybody ever again tell me that Capetonians don't know how to use a traffic circle. EVERYBODY in Joburg uses traffic circles as a four way stop. GO AND RE-DO YOUR LICENCES. When you get to a traffic circle, you give way to the right, no matter if you stand there for hours waiting for everybody to go past you. Some silly cow nearly T-boned me because she thought it was her turn to go, and then started shouting at me. Joburg drivers need to learn the K53...that's that little book you learn out of to get your licence. Find it in CNA!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So dinner at Danielle's tonight was chicken satay followed by this Pavlova!


This is one of the tings about Joburg I miss. The Jacaranda lined streets!

Joburg trip

My business trip to Joburg has given me the lus for work I have lost sitting in the office in Cape Town. This is why I am in sales. Doing business, getting commitment, getting figures up, having to eat in the car coz there is no time to stop. I need to get this feeling back in Cape Town, and that means getting out of the office and driving around and doing business!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day of memories

I spent most of today driving around areas where I either grew up or used to spent time in Joburg. That includes my old high school. I had some of the best memories of my life at this school. I kissed my first boy here(sorry Ma). I had my first crush here. Its been a very emotional day for me, but good emotional. It was a good time in my life and will never get that back again coz I am older and things have changed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday guilt trip

Thanks to Linda I spent Saturday night watching another Rafiq Mammon and Gary Naidoo production. This time unfortunately it is another apartheid inspired show. I cant help but wonder when we, as a nation, will stop using this to make movies, shows and songs. Have we lost all our creativity? Its time to get over it now and start using new stuff!

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