Friday, August 28, 2009

Its been a while

Since I wrote anything, so here is a mini update on what is happening in my life, love and mental state:

I was in Johannesburg last week for business, got sick on the last day and came home early. Now the company does not want to pay for me changing my ticket, as I could have stayed in Johannesburg and seen a doctor there. I hate them....

Have been off sick for three days, in bed with flu (not the farm animal type) and am back at work ans still feeling crap.

Tristan is sort of better, but still gets headaches on and off, and it really worries me.

I miss my family and friends more and more every time I go up to see them.

Today I am going to UCT (University of Cape Town) to deliver about six pairs of jeans to be redistributed to poorer communities. Yes I get Levi vouchers in return for them, but I will never use those vouchers, as it is a small discount on a very big amount charged for jeans. (Price R650 - Discount R100)....not really worth it.

I am so excited for our trip at the end of the year, that I am praying time away so I can get to then, and I have a feeling when I come back, I need to make a very big change in my life - Watch this space!!!

Work is stressfull as usual, but I had a very sad realisation last week while driving around in Joburg. I don't want to be doing this same shit when I am 40. Still trying to find 20 new business appointments every week, still going to see them and trying to get them to use our hotels when they travel to Cape Town, still pounding the pavement with a sales rep attitude and trying to be upbeat about it.

All in all, its not a very good state of mind at the moment. the one and only thing keeping me going is the fact that I am doing something very amazing at the end of the year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forgotten times.

My gracious mother got me some work clothes and this is a feeble attempt from my side to try and pretend I am still a size 32 when in fact I am a 34.... But its all pure unadulterated muscle!

Joburg winter

I woke up this morning at around 7 and the temperature was at 0 degrees. My dad said when he woke up at 6 it was -3 degrees. Today is freezing and I hate to say it Tristan, but we are going to be extremely cold at the end of the year. And now I have a cold from the weather last night!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My lunch box

You might recall I tree to have a Pooh Bear lunch box for my lunch while in Joburg. Well I went and lost that one, but now I get to use a much more butch Cars one!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The lone traveller

I have noticed that I have developed a routine when I fly to Joburg. When I get to the airport, always a good 15 ahead of scheduled time, I get a coffee and then sit at the departure gates listening to my Arab music. It makes me feel like I am at an international airport and that is how I cope with having to travel once a month. The problem now is that with the two other ladies traveling with me, they are only going to mess with my system, wanting to talk and make nice! I am a creature of habit.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Joburg time again

I am busy getting things ready for another sales trip to Joburg, and it is already crap!!!! Setting up of appointments and stuff. I would much rather stay here and vomit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Popcorn made from real kernels in the micro. Not TNT, real ones. Its amazing!

Secret Millionaire

I watched a program on BBC knowledge this week. It was called Secret Millionaire changed my life, and it looked like it was a follow up on a previous series where millionaires disguise themselves as everyday guys and go and live in a poor community. They then have to get involved in community projects in order to assess who they are going to give money to at the end of the experiment. Then at the end they reveal to the people they have met that they are millionaires and they give them money towards their community based charities. It was the single most impressive TV show I have watched ever. The people getting the money were obviously overwhelmed and cried, the millionaires giving the money were so happy they cried, I was so touched I cried.

That made me think about South Africa. If only the hundreds of millionaires we have here, both old money and recently acquired, would do something like this, without a TV show, just out of their own, we might be able to alleviate the poverty problem we have. I then got all my senses back and realised that in South Africa, we are way to greedy to do something like that. Millionaires all work very hard to get where they are and sharing that wealth would NEVER happen because they can't understand why everybody cant accomplish what they have.

I want to suggest this TV show to a South African producer and see what happens. Maybe we can get some people the desperate financial help they need. Alternatively we need to get rid of Capitalism and instate a system of Socialism. Share the wealth!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My baby in hospital

Its the second night he has to be in here and we are no closer to knowing why. The physician mentioned cluster headaches but then the neurologist said he doesn't have all the symptoms and he has a few other ones. Its so frustrating because we are back at square one and Tristan is still in pain. I feel like screaming at the doctors but they always pitch up here when I am not here! Please let the pain stop!

Workshop and not hospital

Here I am sitting at a workshop where there is no sense in being at, when Tristan is in hospital and needs me there more than I need to be here. I really wish they could find out what is going on with him so it can be fixed and he can be free from the hectic headaches!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good day for a funeral

It has been a weekend for funerals. Yesterday we berried our beloved Maia in the garden, and this morning is my uncles funeral in Pretoria. This is my dad's brother who passed away this week. The latter makes me very anxious, because its the second of my dad's siblings to pass away in this year....well you get it. I am going up to Johannesburg in two weeks time, so will be seeing them again. Sometimes I do curse Cape Town for being so far from my family.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Maia

Today we said goodbye to our lovely little Maia hamster. She has been ill for a few days now and passed away last night in her sleep. She suprised us all and stayed alive for 2 more days than the illness normally allowes. She will be missed and was utterly loved for her brief stint in Princess Street. Goodbye little Maia, we will miss you and love you.

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