Thursday, January 27, 2011

The great gay hope

In the past few months I have become friendly with an older gentleman at gym. (I always make friends with EVERYBODY) We always seem to be in the sauna at around the same time, so we started greeting each other and then of course started chatting. So in the past few weeks I have been telling him about our house we bought and the renovations and stuff. I also made it clear that I have a boyfriend. So this week he suddenly asks me how long we have been together. I proudly say this year we will be together for 3 years. His response is: " ja, this year, I will be with my partner for 45 years...."

He met his partner while he was at Uni and then shortly after that left for a 3 year bursary in Germany. In this three years they wrote to each other all the time and when he came back after 3 years, they got together again. This is such a nice story. I am so happy to see that gay couples are still alive and faithful.

The best part of it all is that he still has all the letters they wrote to each other while he was in Germany.

That is sooooo romantic and nice.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tron Legacy

We went to see Tron Legacy on Friday (3D). Growing up in the 80's and being a Tron-kid, I was soooo excited to go and watch this, and I was not disappointed. It had some of the original soundtrack which made it feel very 80's but enough new fantastic graphics and stuff to make it more modern. Apart from the fact that I had to explain to everybody who I went with what and who Tron is and what the original was about, it was great.

Now, to all those kill joys out there....
1) The purists: It will never be Tron but it is not trying to be the original. This is a sequel and is set in the present.

2) To the teenybopping techno freaks. OF COURSE the new Tron will have better graphics than the original. That is because technology has improved in the past 20 years. We all expected Tron Legacy to be more and "better". The fact is that the original was ground breaking in its day and was a great escapists movie for us youngsters during that time.

So all in all, I thought Tron Legacy was fantastic. I still want to buy and own the original even if I do watch it and think it looks crap.

PS: The movie on Friday made me miss my childhood and my cousin who is living abroad and was even more of a Tron-kid than me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some redecorating

We decided to start redecorating. We started with the study. It used to be blue. We painted the walls, got a stunning blind made for us by Tristans mom, putting wallpaper up and I just recovered the stool. I will post pics of the finished product soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little taste of things to come

This was a temperature reading at 07:45 this morning. It has been so hot here in Cape Town with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees. Today is supposed to go to 36. At home we can not live as there is no aircon and the poor animals are dying. Dogs panting and cats spread out in the middle of the floor as if they are dead. Hopefully there will be some relief soon.

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