Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Glee phenomina

We have been watching Glee during the time we had no satelite TV and I have to say I really don't get the whole Glee thing. The characters are so clich├Ęd and one dimensional. I mean a gay boy who loves show tunes, dresses funny, talks like a girl and NEVER has any interaction with another boy. Come on. Then there is the 'hot' jock who has the conflicting live of choosing to be popular or to sing. In real life these people do not exist. In real life the jock will not be in a show choir, and the gay boy will be beaten up. Over and above this, the so called actors can't act, and very few of them can sing. The teacher constantly thinks he is the next Justin Timberlake and the big goofy main male actor can't act, dance, sing and even struggles to walk on camera. The one and only good thing about Glee is that it helps teenage kids deal with issues at school. If only they did not burst into song every 5 minutes, I would have been able to enjoy some more of it.

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