Thursday, May 24, 2012

The aftermath

After returning from Indaba (travel show) last week Tuesday night, I woke up on Wednesday morning a little swolen.
By Wednesday evening I was so swolen that I could barely see out my eyes. On Thursday I went to the Dr, who confirmed I had a skin allergy from something that came in contact with my face.
The worst of all is that I don't use anything on my skin. I shaved and that is it. So my thought is that I greeted some lady at the show, cheeck to cheeck, and something on their skin came in contact with mine. My skin didn't like it, and told me so.
Its much better now, after cortesone cream and schedule 5 anti-histamine tablets. Blerrie woman and their make up stuff.

Travel, rugby and Sharky

Last weekend was the annual Indaba travel fair in Durban. As usual we were there standing on the stand smiling from Friday till Tuesday. Luckily there was a break in the middle. On Saturday we wentbto the rugby courtesy of a client who has invited us for the second year running. They are two young guys from Knysna. One owns a penthouse and the other an adventure company. They are fun guys to hang out with and as always we had a load of laughs. Its always fu to be the only gay in the village. It gives me poetic licence to throw in some gay related jokes and gross them out from time to time. We even managed to get a pic with Sharky, the Sharks mascot. I also saw my ex ex ex ex boss from Flight Centre, who is Australian and always comes to Indaba. He obviously went to rugby and there he decided to undergo a little wager on the Sharks loosing against the Western Force. I very easy R100 I made. Even if Indaba is crap, at least the Saturday evening is always good.


So I finally caved and asked

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