Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics 2012

Its HERE!  The Olympic games are on again.  Every four years there is a little spark that ignites inside me.  Its when the Olympic games starts.  Its a time when countries from around the world who will normally never even speak to each other, come together and compete in one of the most non political activities.... Sport....

I always get a little bit foggy-eyed when the Olympics are on because I really enjoy sport, and this gives the opportunity for me to see sports that I would never get to see normally.  It also brings out the best in humans.  People helping each other and supporting each other.

I have been watching the 5 dedicated HD channels and it has been very difficult for me.  I cant decide what to watch.  Too much choice is never a good thing for a Libran.  But I will soldier on and schedule my time on my new app.  In any event, I am ecstatic that the worlds most gracious and friendly games are on TV!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amsterdam in a week

I have been in Amsterdam now for a week. I have had to take leave as I arrived a week earlier than my training is scheduled, so I could watch the Madonna concert. Since I arrived, my friends here have been uber good to me, taking me out to places and showing me things. On Monday was Jaco's sister's birthday so she took the day off work too and we decided to go to Utrecht for the afternoon. We had a wonderful time. Utrecht is so pretty and we had a blast acting like teenagers. After a little drink, we made our way to the Rabobank building where Jaco works and we spent time in the art exhibition area where we made visual forms of our voices (I know what it sounds like, but it was cool). We then came home with Jaco. On Wednesday I spent the day in Haarlem, where I walked around and visited the church. This was the town we wanted to live in if we were to move to Holland. Its very pretty. On my way home I stopped at the Ikea store, and once again walked through the shop without buying a single thing. Hopefully I will go back and do so before I leave again. Next week is going to be a very busy work week as I have intense training happening.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time goes by so slowly

I am in Amsterdam at the moment. Have been here since Saturday afternoon. I have a week of training next week and I had to take a weeks leave for this week because I extended my trip by a week. The reason I did that was because I got a ticjet online for the Madonna concert. Now those of you who know me, know what a big deal this is for me. I have always wanted to see her perform and always convinced myself that I would never get to. So when it all fell into place I was extatic. I started getting a chest cold on Thursday evening and felt a little sick on Friday night when I had to fly out. As usual I did not sleep on the plane and arrived in Amsterdam tired as all hell, feeling groggy from the cough mixture I had been drinking on the plane mixed with the correnza, and still sick. Yet I soldiered on and made my way to the Ziggo Dome where Madonna was performing. Met up with friends of friends and we finally got inside. She started her show 2 hours late but when she started, she proper started. An amazing show. 2 hours of non stop energy and dancing and singing. The best part was how she had remixed her old songs to be a little more updated. I am so happy I took this week off so that I could see her. It was worth every single minute of anguish and every cent. The only problem now is that I am in Amsterdam for a week without my T.

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