Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time goes by so slowly

I am in Amsterdam at the moment. Have been here since Saturday afternoon. I have a week of training next week and I had to take a weeks leave for this week because I extended my trip by a week. The reason I did that was because I got a ticjet online for the Madonna concert. Now those of you who know me, know what a big deal this is for me. I have always wanted to see her perform and always convinced myself that I would never get to. So when it all fell into place I was extatic. I started getting a chest cold on Thursday evening and felt a little sick on Friday night when I had to fly out. As usual I did not sleep on the plane and arrived in Amsterdam tired as all hell, feeling groggy from the cough mixture I had been drinking on the plane mixed with the correnza, and still sick. Yet I soldiered on and made my way to the Ziggo Dome where Madonna was performing. Met up with friends of friends and we finally got inside. She started her show 2 hours late but when she started, she proper started. An amazing show. 2 hours of non stop energy and dancing and singing. The best part was how she had remixed her old songs to be a little more updated. I am so happy I took this week off so that I could see her. It was worth every single minute of anguish and every cent. The only problem now is that I am in Amsterdam for a week without my T.

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