Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The best news today

He finally did it.....

Ricky Martin Comes Out

And I dont care if you like his music or not...He is HOT!!!!


On the road again

Today is my last day at work...again....

I started this job a month ago but knew the minute I started that I was not going to stay here. This is not for me. Its sales for an accounting firm. I know nothing of accounting, and the industry and the people are hugely boring. So last week Friday I got a call to say that I got a job I applied for about a month ago. The interview I went for was grueling and lasted 1 1/2 hours. Its for an online hotel booking system, looking after an area of hotels, and growing that area. I cant wait. Its back in the industry that I know, and have come to love, and it is a really good job, with an AMAZING salary.

So today I say good bye to another group of "co-workers" and move on to the next group. I seem to collect these as I go along. This will be my 9th job in Cape Town (2003-2010)....I know what you might think but 4 of those were retrenchments, and the rest just bored me....

So as the Easter weekend is approaching, I am heading into a great opportunity and finally getting paid what I am worth.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The most Holy of time

For me as a Christian, I am entering the most Holy of times this week. That's why it is appropriately called Holy week. On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem before the Passion week started. I have grown up in a Dutch Reformed Church, so we never had strict ceremonies or special events. We celebrated the milestone Christian festivals, but did so exactly like we would any other Sunday. So celebrating Palm Sunday in an Anglican Church is something really special to me. This is only the second year I am doing this, but it moves me so much every year.

We go to the St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town, and Palm Sunday for us, starts in the Company Gardens. We get palms that are blessed with Holy Water, and then we start a precession through the gardens, onto Wale Street and into the church. We stop traffic and EVERYBODY looks as sees how we affirm our faith. It is really nice. The priests all dressed up in their best robes, all in red, and wearing their Copes.

Even though this is special to me, it is still pales in comparison to the way Easter and the ceremonies around Easter move me. On Saturday night, the Anglican Church has a Easter Vigil, which is held over midnight on Saturday night. It is amazing. The church starts off dark, and as we go through the liturgy, the lights go brighter and we ring bells to announce the light of Christ in our lives. Then on Easter Sunday morning, a number of Christians from all over Cape Town gather on Signal hill before sunrise, and when the sun rises, they blow on horns and sing loudly to announce the same light. It is something so amazingly moving and spectacular, that I get a tear in my eyes every time I witness it. In fact I am getting a little teary just thinking of it.

So this time of the year is really special to me and deeply religious. I go to church almost very day and its really nice to have someone in my life, who feels the same way.

So to all a very blessed Holy week of reflection, compassion and acceptance.

Its a good day

Today is a good day. Its a short week, the Sharks finally won a match, I spent Saturday working in church as a Sacracint and then saw all my handy work on Sunday in the service. I got a phone call on Friday to say I got a REALLY good job I have been wanting, and this morning I am resigning.

I finally feel a little on top of things. I feel like its going better for me finally.

All in all, today has been a good one. Normally I would say "I hope it lasts", but Tristan has taught me to say, "This will last forever!!!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

This morning

Apart from the odd coffee in bed on a Saturday morning, I don't really have coffee anymore. However this morning I had to have a cup of Jacobs saving grace. I feel like I had a gallon of drink last night, and I don't even touch the stuff!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just my luck

For the past few weeks I have been listening with severe disgust to weather reports telling us how its going to rain everywhere in the country except for Cape Town. So this morning when I woke up to the wonderful cloudy weather, I was very excited for the weather. I work in Durbanville (I know!) and while driving to work, there was this one patch of clear blue sky in the distance. Where is this streak of good weather you may ask? Why its in Durbanville.... I am moving to Alaska!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy days

I have for many years had a crush on an American journalist called Anderson Cooper. He is a hotty of note, and this morning I read something that made my heart flow with sunshine. HE IS GAY.... There has always been talk about his sexuality, but I never knew he was out and out...well...out!

I am so happy to hear that. That is one more for us!!! Whoo Hoo....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday

And thanks for the concert Candice

The weekend

This weekend was spent at a river side camping for a friends 50th. It was such an amazing weekend with about 20 homosexuals in tents and lots of feathers and shrills! It ended with a concert at Kirstenbosch and the Parlotones for another friends birthday. Then just to make it fantastic they brought out Xolani from Freshly Ground (my favourite SA group ever) to start off the set!

Friday, March 19, 2010

FANTASTIC....and true

Personnel agents

I hate personnel agents. I cant understand why a company would use them. They NEVER present the best candidates to the client, as they work by the book. If however you do past the list of strict criteria, they can never ever represent you better than you can.

They are out of touch, opinionated and have no idea about human interaction and work relationships!!!

DISCLAIMERS: No I have not had a bad experience with one lately and sorry Roxy.

Fair Play

I am not a perfect person, I know I have faults (Lots of them), but the one thing I try and enforce in my life is fair play. Being fair to me means everything. This translates to when standing in a Que, and everybody there have been standing for a very long time, I will not jump the Que because I know someone in the front. The same goes for driving. When a turn off on the freeway is backed up (M5 off the N1), and you can see that everybody is standing and have been for a while, I will not drive to the front and push in. Even if it is legal and my indicator is on. Its just not fair play.

The problem with that is that I unfortunately expect everybody else to do the same thing. That is why, when I stoped at the busy petrol station this morning, and allowed the guy to help a lady that arrived before I did, I expected the lady in the Merc that arrived after I did to do the same. However, the attendant ran to her car, and she opened the petrol tank for him. Then when I got out and told him I was there first and he should help me first, both of them (the attendant and the driver) stared at me as if I had an infectious decease.

This is when I realised that humans as a species, are extremely selfish, self-righteous, scheming and chancing. We will try and take a chance whenever and where ever we can, even if it is to the detriment of someone else, and this is why I will always be disappointed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Waiting Game

Why is it that in this country, people can never get back to you when they say they will. Do we really have such a huge problem in the service industry that we have to wait for EVERYTHING. I have applied for a few jobs. I went to the interviews, and in the one interview, I was told they will decide in 2 weeks. In the 3rd week, I had to phone them to ask them what was going on. I didn't get the job. Same thing again. In another interview on Friday last week, I was told I will get an answer from them on Monday evening the latest. I had to email them on Tuesday evening and ask them what was happening, to which they told me that they will make a decision on Wednesday. Needless to say it is now Thursday, and I have not heard from them.

If it is a case of me not being the chosen candidate, and they don't have the heart to tell me, then we have a slight problem. We are talking about Sales Managers in rather big companies who can not tell a candidate they are not the one. Pathetic.

If it is a case of "oh we will get to that still", then I feel really sorry for the poor FF (Football Foreigners) coming to this country, because our service industry is in dire need of some FIRE.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Birthday Note


Rugby Idols

Since I was a wee lad, I have held one rugby player in very high esteem. He has been my idol for ever, and I even played the same number as he did in school. This idol of mine has always been James Small. He was a fantastic rugby player and yes, a bit of eye candy also. As I was growing up and the then Super 12 was on, I grew more and more fond of an All Black player, Carlos Spencer. He was a phenomenal rugby player and even hotter than James Small.

However, since both of them no longer play rugby, I have had to find a new idol, and there was no way that I was going to go for the talent-less Francois Steyn, or the bull-in-a-china-shop Schalk Burger. So it was only after watching the Sharks - Brumbies match, that I finally found my new idol.

RUAN PIENAAR. He is the best scrum half we have at the moment. He carried the match on Saturday, even though we lost...AGAIN. He is a great rugby player and is really something to look at too. Thanks Ruan, for making my rugby watching experience so much more tolerable.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My new Favourite

Thanks to my friend Linda, I have found a new favourite website.... http://icanhascheezburger.com/ and here are some of my favourites

The Cape Town Stadium

I think ours is better

TV Porn

I don't know why I do it to myself, but I listened to that ignorant, opinionated ass of a Gareth Cliff this morning on 5FM. He was going on about the small group of people dictating to DSTv about the porn channel. For those who don't know, our local satellite channel wanted to add a pay per view porn channel to our TVs, but decided not to do it, after the majority of their viewers decided against it. So this morning the radio DJ had a issue about it again saying they are weak and lily-livered.

Now make no mistake, I have nothing against porn. I think its very cool, but half the fun about watching porn is having to do it in secret so your boss doesn't catch you, or your partner doesn't walk in on you, or your mother doesn't open the bedroom door.

Secondly, I am very sure that the porn on TV is going to be straight porn only, and there is just nothing natural about straight porn.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Stolen blog

Ok, so today I stole this blog idea form Wozzel and A Million Miles From Normal, but it is so funny, I had to...

Here is a link to some really funny graphs, but this one is my absolute funniest:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The B day of the big CN

As you may or may not know, today is Chuck Norris's birthday. This morning there were a few new Chuck Norris jokes on the radio which I really enjoy and its always great when you have never heard tehm before, so here goes a few, if you have any more (that we havn't heard before) give em to me...

Chuck Norris can Mixit from a public phone....

Chuck Norris went to the VIrgin Islands once, and they are now called....The Islands

When Chuck Norris plays Monopoly, it really effects the world economy...

and my favourite....

Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer....

Now go onto goolge and typ "where is Chuck Norris" and hit the "I'm felling lucky" button....

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bread Wagon

This is the new company car I am driving around in. I wish I could call it my passion wagon, but I can't coz I ain't feeling any passion driving in it. Therefore it is the Bread Wagon. I feel so depressed.

Oscar night

Tonight is the screening of the Oscars that happened in Hollywood last night. If you want to watch is tonight on TV, and don't want to hear anything about winning, go to another blog now........

Firstly, I don't understand why MNet decided it was a good idea to screen the Oscars tonight INSTEAD OF Grey's Anatomy. Do they really think there are that many South Africans who care about the Oscars, that they can just bulldoze Grey's. What are we supposed to do tonight???

Then. I saw Avatar, and thought it was good. Was it the best movie I have ever seen.... No. Was it worth winning an Oscar for the best movie this year.... No. However. I am pretty sure that the whole world is sick and tired of hearing about America's glorious war in Afghanistan. The movie that won best picture and best director is The Hurt Locker. Yet another movie about the reason why America is in Afghanistan, or how they are saving so many lives in Afghanistan...I mean who really gives a toss????

Yes I did not think that Avatar was the best movie ever, but I am pretty sure it was better than another American war movie.

The fact that Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time, also doesn't hold much water with me. That just means that their marketing machine was working well.

So tonight I have to watch how the Americans glorify themselves and justify their war in Afghanistan AGAIN, instead of watching Dr's fight about who is going to take out a spleen.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Its the weeeeekkkkeeennnddd baby

Its Friday. I can not tell you how happy I am its Friday. Two days of no work, and the first week at the new job out of the way. At least I got a few appointments in this week already. I am not sure what is going on with me at the moment, but I am feeling like I am drifting in and out of reality and life. Sometimes I am here and in the moment and living it and going for it, but then all of a sudden, I check out and find myself somewhere completely foreign and so disconnected from my surroundings. Its gotten so bad that people at the new job had remarked on it and asked me where I am and what I am thinking of. Its quite scary.

Then there is the new job. The people here are really unhappy. They all complain and slant the bosses and its really worrying.

So today I am in that checked out mode. Things are really flying past me today and its just not sticking.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arts & Culture

There is a hell of a lot of talk at the moment in the country about the reaction of Lulu Xingwana, minister of Arts & Culture, in Johannesburg. For those who don't know the story, a brief synopsis:

Minister arrives at art exhibition sponsored by her department for R300 000.
Minister sees photos of black woman nude and embracing by Zanele Muholi.
Minister storms out of exhibition calling photos "pornographic" and "immoral" and "against nation building ideals".
Country very upset.

Yesterday I spoke to a friend who called her a representative of our constitution, and it does not matter if she has a personal dislike for the material. I now realise, a word for word quote by someone else.

My issue is as follows. If she had an issue with the nudity and the pornographic nature, I agree with her. I am equally disturbed by how many "artists" get away with palming off porn on us, labeled as art. When does porn become art? Is a picture of male genitalia art when its on canvas, but porn when its on my cell phone? I do agree that our society has lost allot of moral ground because we desensitise our self with pornographic images in the name of art.

Young school boys and girls can buy an art book portraying images of naked males and females, in very provocative poses, but they are not allowed to buy a Hustler magazine. Now there is the idea that porn is made for sexual gratification, and art is done for the artistic value. A 13 year old boy is going to get exactly the same "feelings" from an "art" book as he is going to get from a porn magazine. I also don't think that just because she is the minister of arts & culture, she has to abandon her moral fibre, or is it accepted for ministers in this portfolio not to have a moral compass at all. I believe that if something is offensive to her, she has the right to express it. I also don't like "nude" art, as I think it is something private, and people who pose for this, has no inner moral shame or respect for themselves.

On the other hand, if she stormed out because it was two woman embracing, again, I agree with her. It is against nature for two woman to be together, and for a man and a woman.... It should be men only!!!!!!!

Seriously though. I am not as upset as the rest of the country. I believe she has a right to say if something offends or crosses her own moral boundary, and that boundary should not move because of a job, or because of the nation saying so.

EVERYBODY...get off your high horses, and look at your own moral compasses.... Besides, have a look at the artists work, Zanele Muholi, some of it is really not fit for showing in public.


So is anybody else cringing for the World Cup....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100 Days

So today we celebrate the 100 days until kick off for the 2010 World Cup of Soccer. Whoo Hoo!!!! Everybody is so excited and cant wait. Well that is what they said on the radio this morning. Everybody was supposed to be wearing something in the South African colours, however there were very few people who where wearing something South African. Maybe its got to do with the fact that FIFA has changed its mind on the over 400 000 overseas visitors they were expecting. Maybe its got to do with the fact that thousands and thousands of tickets were returned from overseas clubs because they could not afford to travel to South Africa.

Once again the ugly side of the tourism industry reared its head. The greedy "lets take the foreigners for a ride" side. Hotels who used to charge around R1500 per night is now charging R5000 - R7000 per night. Airline tickets are reported to have gone from R2500 to around R9000 for a domestic ticket. No Wonder nobody wants to come here. Do they not realise that this "great gift" of hosting the World Cup was a mission from the get go. South Africa is not just a 2 hour flight away from Europe (the biggest soccer supporting nations), its a 12 - 14 hour flight, which means getting here in the first place is very expensive. So now they decide to price the event completely out of the market by increasing the domestic service. It doesn't matter, they pay in pounds....

I for one hope the world cup is an international flop. That way they will have to give the tickets away to South Africans, and the hotels and airlines can suffer, like they should.

But that is just my opinion.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First day

So I started my job today, after being at home for the past month. I am so nervous and the whole new guy thing is kicking in. On top of that, they are expecting me to just jump in and start bringing in business. The office and the people are nice, so I should be fine.

Its really tuff though to start a new job and having to find new friends amongst people who have been working together for ever, and to have to establish yourself again, but it had to be done and I had to leave my previous job. The fact that I left one job I hate to go into the same thing, is not to be mentioned right now.

I work with 5 girls and two other guys, of which one is gay and the other is...actually I am not sure what he is, but he sort of keeps to himself and another girl here. All in all, they are a bunch of very quiet people. Not really the norm for me...

My Travells