Thursday, March 8, 2012

Music is water for the soul

I am sitting at work bobbing my head and tapping my toes to tunes that are busy infiltrating my spine and making my whole body want to get up and move it across the floor. No I am not listening to Die Antwoord, they just make my skin crawl. I am listening to a dance CD produced by a local DJ. House Afrika's Deep House Sounds 5. it is a Joburg based production house that is bringing back sooo many good memories of my play-dates in Johannesburg when I was still a young-en. This is real Jozi type music that you don't hear down here in Cape town. This is the one and only thing about Jozi that I miss, the black influence in the dance music up in Jozi is unmatched down here...

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Lady D said...

As much as you will never find me listening to anything called HOUSE AFRIKA'S DEP HOUSE SOUNDS 5 ... I agree that Music is just so good for the soul.

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