Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gay vs. God

I am back at that age old (redundant) discussion. This morning I got a phone call from my mother telling me to tune in to their favorite radio station. RSG (for those out side the country, its a very Afrikaans, religiously inspired, station for the true Afrikaner). They were having a discussion about being gay and your place in the Afrikaans church. The discussion was the normal discussion about how ridiculous the church is with their exclusion or their "ok but not too gay" rules. I am not going into that because we all know where I stand. What was interesting is that there were so many people who were there and spoke out against the church and how they were comparing it to the race debate in our (Dutch Reformed) church. They had also contacted many church leaders and key figures to joint the discussion on the opposite side of the coin, who believe differently, but they all declined..... How we for years believed that allowing black people into our church, was not right in the eyes of God, and how we found bible versus to prove our point. Just like the church now is finding these verses to prove the gay issue. It was also nice that my mother phoned me to tell me about it.

Its time for young people to take their churches back. Stand up for what is right, not just right now.

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