Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clarity of Soul

I have started a new ritual every morning. I have started to meditate. Yes, Christians can also meditate. Every morning when I wake up and while it is still dark I do some meditation. The reason for my meditation is to stand still before the day starts and to try and get some calm into my soul for the day ahead. Is it working? I think so. I am slightly more calm at work and things bother me less. There are all these theories of meditation to see and feel God and to be closer to God. I am already close to God, so my meditation is really just to calm me down as a person and to get the day going on a nice relaxed way. My "mantra" or phrase I repeatedly say in my head to clear my thoughts is Maranatha. This is an Aramaic word that means "Come, o Lord". I find this very appropriate, as I meditate for the Lord to come and calm me down, and give me peace. Its something that I am really enjoying and look forward to every morning.

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Lady D said...

I don't think that meditation is 'non-christian'. I think it all comes down to what the meditation is about and what you are focussing on. And if it's stilling your soul a bit, and you believe that it's God doing it, that sounds pretty cool.

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