Monday, March 12, 2012

Light Friday Entertainment

Some friends and us organized to go to a UMF (Ultimate Muaythai Fighting) contest held at Grand West over the weekend. Let it be said, we thought we were going to watch some MMA Cage Fighting, so when we got there and saw what it was, we were all a little surprised. I for one had one of the best evenings out in ages. I found the whole cultural history around Muaythai so fascinating. The ritual around honoring all sides of the ring, and their teachers and their parents. The whole traditional aspect, the history and the respect towards everything, which is so central in most Eastern cultures, is what attracts me to this sport. That and the fact that it is a semi religion in Thailand. I had a great time watching the fights and the ceremonies. We also got a bonus with two MMA (mixed Marshall Arts) fights that were awesome, but somehow paled in comparison to the culturally rich Muaythai fights.

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