Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leftover Lent and Joburg

I decided to give up coffee and white flour for Lent this year. It was quite tough because I am Afrikaans and love bread, cake, cookies and just about anything with pastry or flour. The problem is I felt so good for that 40 days. I lost some weight, and my body just feels better. My tummy has not been acting up (apart from the bacteria I picked up in Limpopo) and I feel less sluggish and a lot more active. So I decided to continue this "wheat free" diet. Now I have always been a strong opponent of people blaming everything that is wrong with them on wheat. Whenever someone goes to the Dr for anything from headaches to penis pain, they are told they are wheat intolerant. That still bugs me. However, after seeing that I am better off without it, I am a true believer....can I get an AMEN!!! I am not saying I am wheat intolerant, I am just saying I can do without.

The problem with this new path is when I am on the road on sales trips in Johannesburg. Usually my sister makes the nicest sandwiches for me for lunch and includes a really nice little letter. I told her about my new situation and she made me this amazing spread of cheese, cocktail sausages, cold meats and boiled egg. The problem is that I love to nibble while I drive around. So it was incredible difficult to not buy a sandwich or a burger or a wrap. Finally yesterday, on my last day, I caved in and bought a Woolworths pie..... It was not pretty. Slurping sauce, pie crumbs flying everywhere, and this was still as I was leaving Woolworths. Needless to say today I am feeling it. My tummy is doing roller coaster turns, boiling like the bunny on Fatal Attraction, and generally not happy. Its back to the wheat free for me.

I wonder if you can get wheat free pies?


indianist said...

How to get a surrogate mother? Pls give the details.....

JCLL said...

Sorry, I don't know how that got in there.

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