Friday, April 6, 2012

A child is born

We were privileged enough to be invited to a naming ceremony yesterday. Its a couple from our church. The father, Kolade, is from Nigeria and the mother, Emma, from South Africa. The ceremony was amazing. The Dean presided over it and there were various elders of the Nigerian extended family that presented different articles to the child. Honey, salt, water, wine, palm oil, various nuts etc. Every one of these had a special significance and it was so special to be there. Afterwards there was a great feast, but I could not partake as I am ill. We left there and went to the Cathedral for the Maunday Thursday service. Another special day. It seems like the Easter feeling is coming back to me.

And the name of the little Nigertonian.....
Mokedeayo - Announciation of joy
Dideolu - the arrival of the star
Brian - Strong & valiant

Mokedeayo Dideolu Brian Arogundade

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