Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dogs, rugby and a red curry

Today was a particularly interesting day. After church this morning (a very interesting service), we decided to go for an early lunch after my sister gave me some money. We ended up at The Sidewalk Cafe in Vredehoek. Very nice place, staff and I had the most amazing red curry. Its just such a pity I only found out afterwards that its owned by the same person that owns Madame Zingara, which means I wont be going back there again. After this we went walking with our dogs and a friend of ours with his dog. Its was quite rainy so the park was nit that busy. The dogs ran around and had a great old time. We took the friend for lunch (we had drinks) where he told us about a group of people (gay, lesbian and straight) who get together every Sunday at 5 to play some touch rugby. I was quite excited about that as I used to play rugby at school, so I said we would join him. It turned out to be only a hand full of people and it turned out that the 16 years since I last played rugby, showed badly. After about 5 min of running, I felt like my lungs were coming out of my nostrils, and my legs turned into hard jelly. It was fun though, however because I am a very competitive sportsman, I got a little edgy as one of the guys in our team was just completely clueless. I might go back coz it was a hell of a work out, but for now, I am aching EVERYWHERE and have grass burns on my whole body. I will sleep like a baby tonight.

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